donderdag 7 juli 2016

Learn languages with YouTube

Have you ever thought of YouTube as a way to learn languages? Sure, there are many more videos on the platform. But here are a few tricks to get the most out of YouTube's language resources.

First. There are many language channels, mostly on one language (mine is on more than one). Just type in 'learn Spanish' if you're learning Spanish in YouTube's search function. Check the names of the channels. Click and subscribe on those that contain the words Spanish. Also view some videos, and see if it's still being updated.

YouTube teaches languages! ©
Second. Remember that YouTube isn't a good place to teach anything. Making money isn't easy on YouTube. That's why better teachers stay away from it, or use it as a way to get clients to their websites. On their website, you can buy their products.

Third. Search for single topics. If you're struggling with the Greek alphabet, search for 'Greek alphabet'. You will find many videos. Don't expect that there are well-structured quality courses on YouTube, especially not for smaller languages.

Fourth. Thought of language learning tips? YouTube is full of videos (this one is good) with ways you haven't thought of learning languages.

Fifth. If you're advanced in a language, why not change the language settings of YouTube? It's just two clicks away, on the bottom left.

Sixth. Into academics? There are many academic language lessons on YouTube about how people are learning languages. Take the title of one I uploaded: Language lecture: authenticity and legitimacy in Multilingual second language acquisition (SLA). Good luck with that one!

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