Hi! I'm Alain. 

Curiously, when I was young, many language teachers at school told me I was not so good at languages. My Dutch was poor. My English teacher even advised me to follow extra courses. 

I discovered I loved languages when I went to Germany in 2010. I had some basic German skills but started to speak in German from day one. What I got in return was amazing: friendship, love, respect and a good level of German. Since then, I'm passionate about languages.

Now I'm proud to be able to express myself in French, Dutch, English, German, Maltese and Spanish. I also have some Portuguese notions. And I'm always busy learning new languages and taught some of my languages via tutoring.

I also have a life besides languages. I love economics, politics and all the processes that shape our society. I worked in communications a few years and hold 3 degrees: in Journalism, EU Studies and Management. 

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