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Learn Any Language: 100+ Free & Cheap Tips 
Hi, my name is Alain. I learnt 6 languages and I’m always busy learning new ones. Yes, six. The good part is that you can too. And this book will help you to learn any language. 

No time or money to learn a new language? Great! This book is all about efficient and free or cheap ways to learn languages. 

You’ll find over 100 tips and advices to inspire and motivate you. Try them all out. Each person has strengths and weaknesses for learning languages, so let’s start exploiting your strengths! Find out which tips work best for you. 

Why learning languages? Because it is good for: 
• Your brain and memory. 
• Getting more job opportunities. 
• Discovering new cultures. 
• Better understanding your own language. 
• Your ability to function in multilingual/multicultural environments. 
• A multicultural social life. 
Among too many other advantages to list here. So no excuses! 

Start reading the content: 
• The book starts with tips to prepare to learn a new language. 
• In the second chapter, you’ll see which reliable resources to use and which good habits to adopt. 
• We’ll focus on what to learn in chapter three, so you’ll use your time more efficiently. 
• In the following chapter, you will learn which small changes in your home can boost your language learning. 
• Tips to learn how to speak in your new language are in chapter five. 
• Building on conversation in the next chapter, you’ll learn how your social life can help you as well. 
• Using your interests to learn a language more quickly is the subject of chapter seven. 
• The last chapter focuses on tips to become a true language expert. 

Happy reading, 

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