Learn French! Resources...

The number one for French is this course. There's a promo video. And here's the first chapter for free!

Other resources are:
This website basically covers everything explained in English.

Libraries are great! Find more information on the addresses in France and the libraries in Belgium.

Find partners to exchange languages! Some websites facilitate the language exchange, but you can always ask at the local expat group if someone wants to exchange his/her language for yours

Try the Alliance fran├žaise, who promote the use of French around the world, and l’Institut fran├žais, who promotes French culture.

Want to pay for a course? Then this course is a good option. Also check these best-selling courses. Find only free French courses here.

Beginner level:
Facebook groups are a great way to start learning a language.  Try this one or this one

Learn the most common French verbs and their conjugations here.

There are some general tips here.

Advanced level:
French television is a great way to stay informed about events in the French world. Here's a French channel, a Belgian channel and a Swiss tv channel. Mind the accents are slightly different.

Interested in French news? France24 is one of the biggest news organisations. Make sure to read one article a day, or one every week. RTS is the Swiss news channel, if you’re in Switzerland. And RTBF is a Belgian channel. I really like Le Vif, because it gives more background.

What's your favourite free French resource? Put it in the comments!