dinsdag 19 juli 2016

Flirting and compliments - a great way to learn languages!

Dating is one of the best ways to learn a language. You're motivated. Every day. Every text message. Every phone call. You'll do anything to prove your counterpart you're learning his/her language for him/her. How great.

Show you care - give a compliment in his/her language! ©
To help you in your dating life, I've made online videos in German, French and Dutch to find your loved one. Sure it will help you, whether you're flirting or in a relationship. Isn't it great if your loved one would give you pet names in your language? Or saying someone has beautiful eyes?

On the other hand, knowing how to give compliments in the language you're learning will help you in many other ways. You'll be more respected, you'll make more native friends and you'll have more to talk about. It's the total opposite of swearing (well, even some can appreciate that). Being nice is not a crime, believe it or not.

However, don't start over-complimenting people. Only give genuine, sincere compliments.

My video about Dutch compliments and flirting:

My video about German compliments and flirting:

My video about French compliments and flirting: