Free German lessons: overview

Free German lessons: overview

In these free German lessons, we'll focus on the basics: how to meet, the verbs, nouns and adjectives as well as the famous cases. We'll see over 200 words. Make sure to do the final test!

Lesson 1: to be and the pronouns
Lesson 2: pronunciation
Lesson 3: hello and goodbye
Lesson 4: how are you?
Lesson 5: what's your name?
Lesson 6: politeness
Lesson 7: verbs: present I 
Lesson 8: verbs: present II
Lesson 9: meeting exercise
Lesson 11: nationality and countries
Lesson 12: verbs: present III
Lesson 17: Dativ
Lesson 18: Prepositions
Lesson 19: Adjectives
Lesson 20: Test

Bonus: flirting / giving compliments

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