dinsdag 27 september 2016

Free Dutch course online!

Interested in learning the Dutch language? Here's you way to do it for free.

In over 40 lectures, you'll learn the basic grammar and over 300 Dutch words!

Start with the introduction to the course, so you can start learning Dutch in 7 different sections:
  • Section 5: how to ask questions, how to use diminutive and when to write capitals
  • Section 6: the numbers and pronouns
  • Section 7: bonus lectures and extra resources
Dutch learn
Try my 50-pages book!
Enjoy the course and let me know what you liked and liked less!

Here's the full description of the course:

Learn Dutch - this is the place to start learning Flemish online!
This is your opportunity! In this course, we start from zero. Indeed, zero. No previous knowledge needed. No expensive study books. We build on our way to learn Dutch, step by step. Learn at your own pace to translate Dutch, you can review the videos and redo the exercises any time, as much as you want! Learn Dutch online!
What can you expect?
Learning Dutch is difficult. Yes. So no unnecessary, 10-minute long Dutch grammar lessons with all the rules. Only what you need to know. Tips where you can find more Dutch language. Over 300 Dutch words to use in your everyday life. An interactive quiz at the end of each section, also about the Dutch vocabulary. Culture to understand Dutch better.

For who is this course?
You don't understand Dutch, or barely. And you want to know how to speak Dutch. And it's taught for you. Ready to start? 
The level is Dutch A1 to Dutch A2.