zaterdag 30 juli 2016

Free language courses - links

Interested in some free language courses? Udemy has everything you want! Check those ones out, they're all for free! Also check Coursera, Alison and Futurelearn for other courses.

Englishpoliteness​, Easy English​, punctuation​, writing​ courses (see other ones​).
Spanishlearn quickly​, for beginners​, verb basics​, the alphabet​ courses (see more​).
Germanalphabet​ and the most-used verbs​ courses.
That's 'Hi' in many languages ©
Frenchconversations & stories​, more stories​, speaking​ and advanced​ courses.
Japanese: for beginners​, understanding​ courses.
Brazilian Portuguese: for advanced students​, beginners​, vocabulary and expressions​ and another beginners​ courses.
​Mandarin Chinese: for beginners​, spoken Chinese​, for travellers​ courses (see more​).
Russian: for beginners​, reading and writing​, for beginners​ courses (see more​).
Hebrewcrash course​ and alphabet​ courses.
Other courses: Italian​, Swedish​, Norwegian​, Ukrainian​ and Turkish​.