donderdag 7 juli 2016

Online publishing: beware of publishers!

Thinking about writing a book yourself? While publishing my previous book on learning languages, I looked on the internet for a book publisher. Beware. Many online book publishers try to make money out of unsuspecting first publishers.

Let me tell you how I published my last book. I wrote the content myself, proofread it after printing, lay-outed in Word, made a cover image using copyright-free pictures and free editing service Gimp and uploaded it all on Amazon. I didn't pay a single cent to publish my book.

Research your publisher before you publish! ©
Now, not paying at all may not be the best option. You may look for a company to proofread and layout if you don't have experience with it - I do. A cover image is also done best by a designer. If you do it yourself, keep it simple.

However, there are many online services that promise they will do it all for you. In addition to the usual services like artwork and proofreading, they will write press releases, produce videos, arrange public appearances... The more you get, the more they'll charge.

Read some testimonies about the publisher you want to go with. An easy search on Google might also help. There is also an organisation that protects writers against scams, so you can ask them too.

And myself? I almost went with a publishing service - offering everything for free - and did a last Google check which landed me to this page. That's how I discovered it was just an ordinary scam. The website gave me many tips, so read them too.

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