zaterdag 30 januari 2016

10 language learning tips

There's loads and loads of ways how to learn languages... and there's loads and loads of views how to learn languages. However, the most common ones that are on the internet usually are the same. And I'll save you some time, here they are:

  1. Move to another country: that's an obvious one, but not a bad idea at all. Mostly because you combine culture, social learning and language.
  2. Practice for free on websites like duolingo. They'll get your basic vocabulary up in no time.
  3. Skype! There's tons of websites and Facebook groups that facilitate the exchange of Skype IDs, so make sure to choose this flexible solution!
  4. A pocket dictionary is recommended. However, my advice is to try to explain a word with the person you're talking to, they'll come up with the word and you won't forget it as easily.
  5. Newspapers! Seem to be very useful for advanced learners.
  6. Converse! Speaking with other persons not only enhances your vocabulary and your sentence building, but you're also practicing your listening skills. The only part you're actually not learning, is the writing/reading part... Try also to find a language partner. Or more, the more the merrier.
  7. Make it fun. Essential if you don't want to get bored. And focus. Don't spend 5 years 'learning' a language. 
  8. Organise. Many polyglots organise their language learning plans and set useful goals that are not too difficult to achieve. 
  9. Age. Never too old to learn. Actually, there's some scientific studies that prove that kids have more difficulties learning languages than adults... I think it's just because kids see it as some game, while adults usually learn to really learn.
  10. Dating! Date someone whose language you're willing to learn. Although I would only recommend it when you're at a good level, because otherwise you're going to keep on talking in the language you've been talking since the beginning. It's also a good excuse to ask someone out, to 'practice your language'. If only he/she knew your evil plan...
There's loads of experts sharing their tips on the links below!

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