vrijdag 29 januari 2016

Why learn Maltese

Maltese - seems like a weird language to learn. Only spoken by half a million persons, most of them on an island in the middle of the Mediterranean. Difficult, since it's derived from the Arabic language. The only semitic language written with Latin characters. Here's a few reasons why learning Maltese isn't a bad thing or wasted time at all.

First of all, it's very close to Arabic. If you want to learn Arabic, learning Maltese can be a first and much easier step. Counting from 1 to 10 is more or less the same, but by learning it in Maltese you don't need to study all those Arabic characters. These characters were made difficult because it was the language used by the Arab's elite. So you can avoid it temporarily by studying Maltese.

Maltese is an official language of the European Union. What? Yes, it is. Only spoken by half a million, but one of the 24 official languages of the EU. That's less than for Russian, Catalan, Arabic, Turkish and even Tamil in the EU. What does it mean? Well, all the laws of the EU are translated in Maltese. That offers quite some possibilities to work in Brussels or for other EU Institutions.

If you live in Malta, or close to a Maltese community, it's great to learn it because with the language you'll discover a whole new culture. Maltese have their own cuisine, their own anthem, their own flag, their own newspapers,... If you like multicultural environments, you'll definitely love the Maltese environment.

And well, last reason: learning languages is anyway a good way to increase your intellect. Since Maltese may require some time and some effort to learn, this will look good on your CV. When an employer will ask: why do you know Maltese? You can answer: I like challenges - and those words will sound like sweet, sweet honey to your future employer...

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