donderdag 28 januari 2016

Best languages to study

Argh! Have to study a language and you have no idea which one? Tons of people are making recommendations on which one to study. Why?
"The demand for foreign languages and communication skills is steadily rising", according to loads of Ministers in the European Union.
So it's for your job. My recommendation? Just study the language you want to study. If you have no idea, let's take a look at some lists.

The Telegraph says it's German you should study. Voxy -whoever that is- says it's Mandarin. The people from Richest say it's English. However, according to Forbes, French is the language of the future. Because apparently, Africa is going to grow a lot. So learn French with this course if you want to deal with more Africans! Or check some other resources.

My opinion?  Companies look for people who already know the language, and, to my experience, aren't going to finance the study of the language you'd like to learn. So take the initiative! Go to that evening class. When you go on vacation, follow some language classes. And read a newspaper in that language.

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