Learn Dutch lessons, part 7: extra resources

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Part 7: extra resources

Bonus lecture 1: flirting and compliments in Dutch

Bonus lecture 2: the 50 most used words in Dutch

Bonus lecture 3: funny Dutch expressions

Bonus lecture 4: funny Dutch words

For all levels:
Dutch grammar explained
If you like learning grammar, this website is your treasure! It’s translated in many languages and covers the whole Dutch grammar universe. If during my course, I mentioned I wouldn’t go further into detail, this is where you can learn ALL the rules by heart! Have fun with it!
Link 1

Dutch by Skype
There’s several ways you can learn Dutch via Skype. It’s handy since they can correct your mistakes directly. It’s also very flexible, but I’d recommend you stick to the same teacher when you find a good one. He or she can better monitor your progress. Professionals usually ask for fees. Mind as well which accent you want to learn, Flemish or Dutch. 

Link 1 Link 2 Link 3
 Get my 50-pages book!
Get my 50-pages book!

Facebook groups
The great thing about subscribing to Facebook groups, is that you receive those messages on your timeline automatically, so it will ‘force’ you not to forget how great a language Dutch is! You can also find some language exchange partners there and search for a group in your own language (if it’s not English). 
Link 1 Link 2

Beginner level:
My courses
Interested in taking another one of my courses on Udemy? This one is longer, goes deeper into details you need, and is way more fun! You'll love it!

There’s a lot going on on YouTube, especially if you know what you’re looking for. For example, you can search ‘simple past in Dutch’. However, to really learn on a regular basis I wouldn’t recommend it. This search might get you started. Mind that those are usually not in the Flemish accent. 

Advanced level:
Public news The public news agencies publish news every day. It’s excellent Dutch. Try to compare the news items with the news in your own language, so you already have a background. There’s lots of news movies as well so you can work on your comprehension while keeping up with the latest gossips and international events.  
With Flemish accent, with Dutch accent

Movies on YouTube
There’s loads of movies on YouTube you can watch with subtitles. It’s a great way to
learn a language while being entertained. If your level is high enough, watch with subtitles in Dutch. The first links are Dutch films, the other Flemish films

Expert level:
Style tips
This website of the public news agency contains so many stile tips that only experts know.
Language email The taalmail is an email you receive about every week with corrections on what the public news agency has produced. It’s very high level since the journalists have quite a good use of Dutch. 

Big dictation Every year, there’s a big dictation (groot dictee) for Dutch speaking persons where you can participate in. You can try to do one of the dictations of the earlier years to practice. The dictation is known to be very difficult.

Seen another good resource? Leave a comment below!