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Learn the Maltese language: the present continuous

Let's attack the present continuous in Maltese, after the past, the present and the future!  For this tense, you'll need to be able to form the present tense as well. So when you're done with that, let's look into the present continuous!

The easiest way to form the present continuous is to put 'qed' (remember the q is barely pronounced!) in front of the verb in the present tense. So for 'to work' that is:

  • qed naħdem (I am working)       
  • qed taħdem (you are working)                                              
  • qed jaħdem (he is working)                                               
  • qed taħdem (she is working)                                           
  • qed naħdmu (we are working)                                              
  • qed taħdmu (you are working)                                              
  • qed jaħdmu (they are working) 
That's easy! Now, don't get excited too quickly! There's exceptions. If the subject of the verb (like I, you,...) is in the singular male, you can also say or write qiegħed (pronounce ie-ed). And if it's in the single female, it's qiegħda (some people pronounce it e-da). In the plural, it's qegħdin. So alternatively, you can use:
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  • qiegħed/qiegħda naħdem (I am working)       
  • qiegħed/qiegħda taħdem (you are working)                                              
  • qiegħed jaħdem (he is working, mind it's he only)                                               
  • qiegħda taħdem (she is working, mind it's she only)                                           
  • qegħdin naħdmu (we are working)                                              
  • qegħdin taħdmu (you are working)                                              
  • qegħdin jaħdmu (they are working) 
I advise you to use the first one, which is much easier. However, keep in mind that other persons might use the second conjugation.

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