zondag 3 september 2017

Find the right language teacher online

How do you find a perfect language teacher online? The easiest way is to find native teachers on online platforms like Verbalplanet, Live Lingua or iTalki. These websites ensure the quality and the quantity of the teachers. So select the language you're learning and find the appropriate teacher - at native level.

Before starting lesson number one, prepare. Let your teacher know what you want to learn. If you're starting from 0, make sure to look up some words for presenting yourself. If you're more advanced, check which difficulties you have. Or bring a situation you're likely to encounter in the near future. For example, greeting customers over the phone.

Also ask yourself how you learn best. Some don't need to see a word written to remember it. Others like detailed grammar rules. Make sure to let your teacher know in advance, so he/she'll be prepared to type all the words, or explain all the rules.

Ready to learn languages online? (c)
First lesson? Your teacher is probably as nervous as yourself, so it's normal. Remember to only schedule one lesson. You can decide afterwards whether to take another lesson. You may like the style and the pace - if you don't, just don't schedule a new lesson. Every teacher has a particular style, and some may suit you and others may not suit you.

When you're ready, ask your teacher to only talk in the language you're learning. You'll learn faster and more effectively. Some teachers do that from the first lesson on.

At the end of the lesson, ask for homework. So you can practice what you've learnt in between lessons.

Oh yes - a last tip: get $10 lesson(s) for free on iTalki. You're welcome. I'll get $10 too if you book a class.